India Project

The India Project is one of the biggest projects NAN is tackling. The goal of the project is to raise funds that will be used to create care packages for people in India based on need. These packages will be tailored specifically for different types of people whether that be men, women, or children. Care packages will include materials related to basic hygiene and promote the awareness of living a healthy lifestyle. To raise funds, NAN will host a variety of fundraisers such as bake sales around (but not limited to) the North Carolina region. Funds will go towards getting basic hygienic products to the impecunious, which will be distributed by medical professionals in India. These medical professionals will educate the people on basic hygienic necessities through visual aid.

NAN believes that the underlying cause for a poor quality of life and social injustice is a lack of education. For that reason, NAN is dedicated to providing people with these resources. You can join the force by being a part of this organization, hold your own fundraisers and events to help us reach our goal. Or you can join the force by simply donating money to NAN.

11% Funded
$150 Raised


Bake Sale

A quick, fun, and yummy way to destress is to have a bake sale! Bake sales allow us to donate to our community as well as enjoy scrumptious treats. We plan to have two bake sales prior to February 28th. We will be selling brownies, chocolate chip, sugar cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, oreo cupcakes, and chocolate chip cupcakes.
Brownies will be sold for $1.25 each. Cupcakes will be sold for $1 each. Cookies will be sold for two for $1.

Do you want to help us reach our goal? Contact us to get your hands on these delicious goodies!